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Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus 1808 Build 10730.20102 Crack Serial Key

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Show HN: Scratch for games and simulations – phreanix

I also submitted a link about this yesterday:


Ah yes, I saw this earlier. By the way, what type of content do you typically
see on this site?

Very cool! I’ve used it a bit in the past, and have the benefit of some of
the dev kits they’ve recently released.

They’re probably targeting the web market, but it still kind of hits me off
that their homepage and tutorial is just the box with the stuff on the front,
no actual “I’m making this” type story.

I think this type of interface is great for casual learning, but it would be
hugely beneficial if the format could be made compatible with the tools and
mediums used by professionals.

Not sure what the politics of the thing are, but I would love to see this
interface pop up more broadly.

It seems like a great add-on to Scratch. As an expert on this: What do you
think is the difference between this and Scratch? Any thoughts?

What aspect are you referring to?

First of all, how much of the Scratch community was involved in the creation
of ScratchJr?

I’m especially interested in those who had early access to the ScratchJr
development kits to get help from the Scratch team. For example, who was the
lead programmer of ScratchJr? What types of questions were they trying to
solve, and what were they

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