Muzi V Nadeji 1080p Backgrounds UPD

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Muzi V Nadeji 1080p Backgrounds

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Muzi V Nadeji 1080p Backgrounds
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array values to array

I’m trying to take the value of my array and use it with a time range (ex. the source is data[i][‘startdate’] and i want to fetch data[i][‘enddate’]).
At first i tried to change my function to return the value of

but it turns to undefined. I want to get the values of that array,


You have two arrays of two variables:
//create array
$myArray = array (
array(‘startdate’=>’2016-04-21’, ‘enddate’=>’2016-04-25’),
array(‘startdate’=>’2016-04-26’, ‘enddate’=>’2016-04-28′)

//your order is wrong, first you want
//array with’startdate’=>’2016-04-21’, ‘enddate’=>’2016-04-25′
//so second array is over range and doesn’t have startdate or enddate
//then second array with’startdate’=>’2016-04-26’, ‘enddate’=>’2016-04-28’
//so you can’t get any result

So to solve it you can do something like this:
foreach ($myArray as $key => $value) {
$nextdate = $value[‘enddate’];


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