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Tales Of Glory Free Download [Torrent]

The town is under siege! Enemy artillery is shelling it from the castle on the hill above.. Chaos, and more is at hand, as archers on the walls rain down on the gaggle of Pirates.
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Tales Of Glory Free Download Full Version PC Game [Latest] Game Full Version in Direct Download Links and Torrent Games. Tales Of Glory is Tales Of Glory, a VR-Only RoomScale game.

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Why this code runs fine on ARM but not on x86?

I am trying to put together a program to do paging in Linux by iterating through all the entries in /proc/kpagecount. The instructions I intend to use are the PageTables (CR3, CR4, EPC and so on) and SHM. I have written the following code in Assembly for ARM architecture (AT91SAM9)
This code is called for every page (that is, page > 1). This is the code :
.global _ck_pagetable
push {r1, lr}
bl xTaskCreateGeneric
add r1, pc, #14