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The versatile and unpredictable Tizoo Khan robs with expertise and has no remorse! Of course, the police try to leave no stone unturned. The most important thing though is that neither the infamous murderer, Khan, nor the police have any success in this case. The police put the real culprit, who is only just a high-school boy, in prison.

Not much fun could be had, but there was at least satisfaction in the fact that the matter had ended. Khan, on the other hand, has no idea what to do with himself. No matter how much he is shot, he also tries to run away. He is constantly followed by the police and eventually ends up in a bomb shelter, where he finds himself alone with his girlfriend, Maya. Khan is courteous to her, but also takes advantage of the situation.

She likes having sex, but she also wants to be a nice girl. When the police come back, Khan even tries to play with the woman. Unfortunately for him, the police trap him in his apartment, where they ransack it and take him away. They also recover $ 4.

In the end, Maya is alone. She lies, thinking that Khan has killed himself. The police then read a letter in which Khan describes his fear of being unable to have children. When they read out Maya’s letter, she herself is shocked that she can write a letter. Khan is eventually arrested.

Maya is the real life. She was a real cricketer and a student. He really was the son of a police officer. When he was 12 years old, his family was killed. And he had to start looking for his identity.

He got into criminal activity and made a lot of money. Then, he was shot in the leg and laid up for three months. He acted as if he was injured. Eventually, Khan was arrested. But he was released after a long time.

The police then told him to start paying back his loot. Not being able to pay, Khan committed suicide. Although he was able to commit suicide, he was unable to get rid of his criminal past. So, he has been fighting it his whole life. However, he has now killed the woman who he thought stole a whole lot of money.

He has also got a lot of money. With all of this, he does not care. Only when he is arrested does he begin to regret it.

Bangistan – Full

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Bangistan Hindi Full Movie Mp4 Download

Up 9 Jan – 9 min – Uploaded by SWAT : SWAT : Swati Gawde – BANGISTA – FULL MOVE KANNADA Synopsis: Swati Gawde of #Bangistan returns with the second instalment of the musical drama, a must watch. This second instalment of #Bangistan, after its well received festival debut in late 2017, is filled with energy, celebrations and stunning visuals on the western front. In the lead up to #Bangistan: 2, Swati says, “Watch out for the journey that I am taking everyone on this film. It is a lot of fun and I hope we get to witness some great things.”.

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Bangistan Hindi Full Movie Mp4 Download

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