Thanks for reading my comments and the review. I hope you enjoy the free demo and of course click the download button below to see the full version of Fallout 4.
The Old Guard – One of the many components of the post-apocalyptic world, the Old Guard is the security forces of the United States.

It keeps them in line, what few that are left.
If you don’t enjoy The Old Guard, you probably won’t enjoy Fallout 4. It’s all in it’s sounds and music, which are tied to the different stances the faction takes towards the player, whether it be the alliance or the mutiny.

If you’re looking for a small, but very relaxing RPG, Fallout 4 is the game for you. The series has definitely grown up, although the gameplay still has the old school Fallout feel to it. The combat is very involved, especially when you’re fighting a group of enemies. Fallout 4 does add some new weapons, such as a range of new melee weapons and a shotgun-like rifle, but you’ll still find an arsenal of guns that can fire in all directions and engage in melee combat as well.

The graphics can be a little repetitive, and the freedom of travel in the open world can make some sections seem a little dull, but the game pulls you in thanks to its atmospheric soundtrack, funny dialogue and a well implemented new mechanics.

Fallout 4 is one of those games that just doesn’t feel like any other, simply because of its world and character design. The Old Guard in Fallout 4 makes sense, a world where the main protagonist is a girl who might one day be capable of walking unaided, but has broken bones that are now all over the place, doesn’t seem that plausible. Even after all of these years, I can still associate entirely different elements with the game. The best example of this is the environment.

There are so many elements to the world of Fallout 4 and the enemies you encounter while traveling around the wasteland. From the beginning of the game, you’ll be dealing with the super mutants who are literally the offspring of those the main character had killed in their earlier adventure.

In the wastelands, you’ll also find a town, overrun by the Brotherhood of Steel who have lost their loyalty to the United States of America. From there, you can join the Nuka-Cola corporation, complete quests for them or make some side quests for yourself, as you travel through the world of Fallout 4.

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