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The Titans placed Tannehill on injured reserve Monday, so he will finish the season without a win.

Tannehill had been in a walking boot on his right calf before he returned to the game. His injury was spotted by a Titans official, and Tannehill was removed from the game at the 2:58 mark of the second quarter.

Tannehill left the game after attempting to pass on a third-and-10 play to go for a touchdown. He eventually returned but threw three passes before being pulled.

Tannehill’s Sunday injury was the third for a Tennessee quarterback this season, which came just after the team traded for Blaine Gabbert in a deal believed to include a conditional draft pick.

Tannehill was not able to come back to Tennessee’s game against the New York Jets because he was dealing with a shoulder injury.

Tannehill led the Titans to a second straight victory to start the season with an overtime win over the New York Jets. He finished 25 of 34 for 244 yards and a touchdown while also being sacked twice.

The Titans have won two of their last three games.Q:

C++: What’s the best way to hash a string in C++

I have a C++ program which needs to hash/compare a given string.
Something like this:
std::string asdf = “asdf”
std::string md5hash= mcrypto::make_md5(asdf);

The tricky part is I’m using a third party library called mcrypto.
mcrypto is not C++.
So any suggestions?


Use a C++ wrapper of the library?


Note that hash collisions only become a problem if you’re storing your hash of a plain string; otherwise collisions will never occur. You will never have to handle collisions in the rest of your code, except (perhaps) when storing the hash as a longer string.

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