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Ver Serie Brigada A Los Magnificos Audio Latino 4 Temporada

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estas bien, la ayuda en estos casos es pon el texto en inglés para que salga en la pregunta original y luego poner lo que dice @yari_ -f4yt.

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THE AFL must look hard at adopting a rule that punishes clubs for being hit-happy in matches against the opposition.

The Australia U18 side thrashed the NAB Cup-winning Adelaide Crows by 22 points in the first quarter on Saturday night to take out the grand final by 78 points.

Adelaide had the greater experience and impact in the five-goal opening term.

However, the U18s, who will play in the NAB AFL U18 Championships from July 1, bettered them three-nil in the second term.

The AFL’s horror show of a season has increased the pressure for the League to deal with the issue of high hit counts in matches.

Collingwood has been at the front of the debate to introduce a rule that would penalise teams that take more than eight free kicks in a game.

Adelaide had a double-figure free kick count, while there were

. /filer/21/2016/vista/images/6/vista/6-3-SZEPX.jpg serie seriesThough it may seem that most of the world has pretty much given up on Pussy Riot, the feminist punk trio, their story should not be easily written off. Although many dismiss the band members as having nothing more than a public platform on which to make their “punk rock feminist antics,” the women may have a novel way to combat the stereotypes that surround women in their art.

“I think what a lot of bands do is play into stereotypes,” says Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, who is serving a two-year sentence for her actions at a Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow. “When I play a new song it’s the first time that I’m playing it for people who never heard the song before.”

Tolokonnikova and fellow band member Maria Alyokhina were arrested for performing a guerrilla “punk rock prayer” in February for the arrest of Russian artist Pyotr Verzilov, who they claimed was gay and anti-Catholic. Their performance, titled “Christ the Savior,” was intended to mimic a Russian Orthodox service and featured an anti-Russian song by Tolokonnikova. They were both subsequently sentenced to two years in prison.

Initially, Alyokhina was sentenced to five years, but was later awarded a two-year sentence, along with the time that she had already served. Tolokonnikova was sentenced to a year and three months in prison, but is now serving only one year, which is half of her sentence. While neither of the women was in custody for all their time in prison, they have been refused parole.

Imprisoned in the Vagankovo Prison, the women wrote and performed dozens of songs, all of which are now posted online. While Tolokonnikova says that she has written most of them, Alyokhina has helped out with the songs that Tolokonnikova has not written. As they sing about family, relationships, and politics, their songs have been favorably compared to punk bands like The Clash, The Ramones, and the Sex Pistols. “Our songs aren’t about authority,” Tolokonnikova tells Yahoo Shine. “If we had been just about religion they would sound like church songs. We aren’t that.”

Their captivating music may resonate with the public