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Using AutoCAD

Use AutoCAD to create, modify, and view 2D and 3D drawings that are understandable to other designers.


Desktop AutoCAD commands


Horizontal tab — Move cursor to a new line

— Move cursor to a new line Right click — Create a block

— Create a block Shift+click — Select an object

— Select an object Control/Mod1 — Move cursor

— Move cursor Control/Mod3 — Copy an object

— Copy an object Control/Mod5 — Move an object

— Move an object Control/Mod7 — Select an object

— Select an object Control/Mod4 — Clear an object

— Clear an object Control/Mod6 — Change the color of an object

— Change the color of an object Control/Mod8 — Change the linetype of an object

— Change the linetype of an object Control/Mod10 — Increase the lineweight of an object

— Increase the lineweight of an object Control/Mod11 — Decrease the lineweight of an object

— Decrease the lineweight of an object Control/Mod12 — Extrude an object

— Extrude an object Control/Mod13 — Unhide an object

— Unhide an object Control/Mod14 — Color fill an object

— Color fill an object Control/Mod15 — Text stroke an object

— Text stroke an object Control/Mod16 — Change the fill color of an object

— Change the fill color of an object Control/Mod17 — Draw a polyline in an object

— Draw a polyline in an object Control/Mod18 — Connect objects

— Connect objects Control/Mod19 — Copy objects

— Copy objects Control/Mod20 — Move objects

— Move objects Control/Mod21 — Mirror an object

— Mirror an object Control/Mod22 — Rotate an object

— Rotate an object Control/Mod23 — Flip an object

— Flip an object Control/Mod24 — Scale an object

— Scale an object Control/Mod25 — Align objects

— Align objects Control/Mod26 — Automate common tasks

— Automate common tasks Control/Mod27 — Debug an object

— Debug an object Control/Mod28 —

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CAD formats
AutoCAD For Windows 10 Crack allows reading and writing several CAD formats, including:

AutoCAD can read and write all Autodesk and third-party CAD formats, such as:


Laser scanning and other related technologies
AutoCAD has also seen an increase in use for drawing structures for the purpose of industrial scanning and reverse engineering of objects. AutoCAD allows two-dimensional drawing and image creation of any scanned object. Models can be created in order to allow reverse engineering of objects. These models can then be used to create a rendering of the object.

The Ray Tracing module (Autodesk Labs) added ray tracing capabilities to AutoCAD, allowing users to ray trace through 3D objects for visualizing and studying. The module also added 3D rendering in addition to 2D modeling.

Mobile devices
AutoCAD Mobile, developed by Autodesk Labs, is an AutoCAD application for mobile devices. Originally released for Android devices in May 2010, the application is built on the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).

AutoCAD can read and export a number of different file types, including:
AutoCAD Architecture
AutoCAD Electrical
AutoCAD Civil 3D
AutoCAD Electrical Design
AutoCAD Civil
AutoCAD Mechanical
AutoCAD Structural
AutoCAD Video
2D drawings
AutoCAD Xpress
AutoCAD Extensions
Model Cache

AutoCAD also has plug-ins for different viewers and editing applications, including:
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Fireworks
Cadsoft Eagle
Windows Presentation Foundation (WP

AutoCAD 19.1 Crack +

Generate a key. Open its console and type “keygen –key filename.key” to generate a key.

Copy the key into your Autocad installation folder.
Run Autocad, you can find this file under menu “file”.

Open the old file and change the record key to the key you just generated.

Now open the new file and the old key (they were saved on your desktop) and change the record key to the same key you used to replace the old key.



Thanks for the input!
I figured out the solution myself.
You have to follow these steps:

Open Autodesk AutoCAD.
Open the console.
Type “keygen –key filename.key”.
You will now receive a new file.
Copy this file to the location of the old file in your AutoCAD installation folder.
Open the old file and change the key.
Open the new file and change the key to the one you just copied.

I guess there is no such problem in the non-mac world 🙂

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What’s New in the?

Enhancements to the Interactive Drawing tool:

It’s easy to edit your drawing on the fly with the Interactive Drawing tool. Just draw to highlight objects and add, move, or remove them to refine your design. And you can add the changes directly to your drawing with the new Draw Selection tool.

Enhanced Inspect tool:

The Inspect tool now applies a specified selection to show its own properties, including the pixels, selection type, and size. The Specified feature helps you work more effectively with those features.

Enhanced measurement tools:

Easily measure anything on the drawing using the Measure tool and specify objects using the Snap and hold features. You can also measure curved objects with Precision Measure.

New measurement and editing tools:

Use the new Edit tool to quickly edit measurement values and the new Circle tool to quickly draw circles. New editing tools help you work more efficiently.

Automatic file backup:

Back up your drawing regularly in the new Backup tool. You can access files at any time and restore them to your computer from anywhere.

Deleted drawings are automatically restored:

When you delete a drawing, it isn’t truly gone. You’ll automatically restore it the next time you start a new drawing session.

Deleted objects are still available to you:

Deleted objects don’t disappear, they’re still available to you to use again. You’ll just see a note to indicate that it’s no longer connected.

Auto-anchor feature:

Stay on a task until you’re ready to move to the next one. The Auto-anchor feature now automatically moves you to the next task when you use the Interactive Drawing tool. You can also turn it off in the Tools Options window.


See the kind of drawing or screen saver you want by choosing from 12 pre-created themes. You can also create your own.


The new tool bar is now the main window for navigating through your drawings. You can access all of your menus, files, and tools, and you can now customize and rearrange them.

System-wide shortcuts:

In addition to the new application-specific shortcuts that are now available, you can assign the new shortcuts to move, edit, open and close documents.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8/10
Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible video card with at least 1024 MB RAM
DirectX: Version 11.0c
Hard Drive: 30 GB free space
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