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10.5 7.9.5 1.0.7. Sylla (Tamil Movie : Thillalangadi) Full Movie [2020] 4K Hd 720p BluRay Download
The film begins in the backdrop of a race to reach the national lottery. Raja and his nephew Vijay (S. Durai) enters the lottery race and jinxes Vijay’s marriage. Vijay is forced to marry Raja’s sister before he leaves the house. The film also stars Sathyaraj, J. D. Chakravarthy, Sivakumar, Ravichandran, Ramya Krishnan, Manobala, R. Ve. Shanmugarajan. Later, when Vijay learns of the existence of a non-profit organisation, he rushes to meet its president. Fearing that he will lose the race, Raja fixes his marriage with his sister. Also Read: Thillalangadi (2010) Online Watch Thillalangadi Full Movie (2010) Download.
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