Jun 12, 2018
Recent versions of the program can re-encode files to the MPEG2 format, and others. Uninstall WAVE XTRACTOR.


Most of us have a couple of abandoned waVE files around. Bunch of songs (3-5) where you put off listening to for one reason or another. Tired of the drudgery of copying/ripping/beating the database into a single file, or the fiddling with Audacity?
waVeXtractor allows you to extract the data from all of those waVEs to a single file. All of the extracted tracks are combined into a single file to save to your hard drive.

Extract all the tracks into a single file.
Select the file where you want to save the tracks (file type is not restricted).
Select the folder where you want to save the tracks.
Select the program path of the program to run at the end of the extracting operation.
Save all the songs into the file in the folder you picked.

Make sure you have enough free space for this operation. I have left space (around 12 GB) for my music collection and it worked fine.

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